Melkote has geared up to celebrate the 1000th appearance occasion of its favorite Acharya, Swami Ramanuja. The greatest and most memorable event in spiritual history. The like of it that has never happened nor will it happen in the future.
Swami Ramanuja made his transcendental appearance on this planet in the year 1017 AD, as an effulgent spiritual sun dispelling the darkness and destroying unauthorized so called religions. Swami Ramanuja is none other than the incarnation of Anantha/Adisesha (serpent bed on which Lord Srimannarayana reclines).The greatest, most important, confidential, dear servitor of the Lord. Of the innumerable auspicious attributes adorning the Supreme Lord, Swami Ramanuja appeared as the Lord’s personification of compassion. By his divine knowledge, revolutionary thoughts, dynamic conduct and authorized statements, Swami Ramanuja refuted scrupulous miscreants and crushed to ground, the unwanted weeds that reined the earth. Swami Ramanuja reestablished the principles of religion, showed the world that there is only One Supreme Lord (Srimannarayana) and that, the ways and means of reaching Him is only through unconditional, unqualified and selfless surrender .The most important purpose of the divine appearance being –  to deliver humanity caught up in the repeated birth – death cycle. Swami Ramanuja’s lotus feet are the only relief for the souls caught up in the blazing fire of material existence. Swami Ramanuja is the greatest Philosopher, Reformer, Revolutionist, Mystic Yogi, Sada Acharya and Unparalleled Charismatic Personality that time has ever seen…!!!
Sahasramanotsava Celebrations are a tribute to the Pioneer of SriVaishnava Sampradayam, Darshana Sthapakar – Swami Ramanuja. 7 great projects have been planned – RAMANUJA DHAM, SAHASRA VRKSHATAVI, NAVAGRANTHA DVARAM, SAHASRA GRANTHAMALA, SAHASRA RAMANUJA VIGRAHAM, SAHASRAMANA VIJAYA YATHRA & SAHASRA PARAYANA GOSHTI. An expansion of the Sahasramanotsava tab in the home page of the website will give a detailed description about each of the projects.

Devotees are welcome to be a part of this millennial event and be blessed by the embodiment of compassion – Swami Ramanuja..!