Navagrantha Dvaram

Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ® is autonomous legal entity and does not have any bearing with the conduct of Sri Narayana Swamy Temple activities (Under Muzarin Dept). All your contributions would be wholly and solely used for the nobel objects of Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ®

Swami Ramanuja’s greatest gift to mankind are His literary contributions – Nava Granthams; namely VedarthaSangraham, SriBhashyam, GitaBhashyam, VedantaDeepam, VedantaSaram, SharanagathiGadyam, SriRangaGadyam, VaikunthaGadyam and NityaGrantham. This is the treasure of precious Nava Rathnas Swami has given us. Swami Ramanuja with His transcendental insight has churned the The Vedas, Vedanthas, Upanishads, Puranas and Ithihasas to give us the cream of the divine, flawless & nectarean knowledge, by which each human can perfect his life and at the end of span, return to Sri Vaikuntham (our eternal home). To commemorate this exceptional contribution, 9 arches would be built from Jakkanahalli toTirunarayanapuram. Jakkanahalli circle would be renamed as Sri Ramanuja Circle. At Sri Ramanuja circle, a pink stone mandapam would be constructed with the deity of Swami Ramanuja. Each arch would be named after each literary work of Swami Ramanuja. The emphasis here is to create the need and importance to read and understand the works of Swami Ramanuja. As one passes through each of the arches, he would be remembered of this. With Swami Ramanuja’s blessings, the bhoomi puja for this project was performed on February 2013.

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