Sahasra Granthamala

Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ® is autonomous legal entity and does not have any bearing with the conduct of Sri Narayana Swamy Temple activities (Under Muzarin Dept). All your contributions would be wholly and solely used for the nobel objects of Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ®

This is a humble effort to take the transcendental knowledge of Vishistadvaitham and Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam to every individual, with or without knowledge about the same. This project would act as the Paanchajanya (conch of SrimanNarayana) which when blown, would dispel the darkness of ignorance, awaken, enlighten and urge the readers to seek answers to four fold mysteries of life.1000 unique books would be published about Swami Ramanuja in Sanskrit, Tamizh, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English. The same would be made available to the general public. Behold…! A Ramanuja wave is all set to take over the world, to ensure every reader gets Ramanujised and drowns in divine nectarean ecstasy in the Realm of Swami Ramanuja.

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