Sahasra Vrkshatavi

Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ® is autonomous legal entity and does not have any bearing with the conduct of Sri Narayana Swamy Temple activities (Under Muzarin Dept). All your contributions would be wholly and solely used for the nobel objects of Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava Seva ®

This is the green venture of SRSMS. A forest-like surrounding would be developed with 1000 trees in the periphery of Tirunarayanapuram. The forest would feature special trees related to each of the 108 Sri Vaishnava Divya Deshams. Also, each of the trees would have a divine name of Swami Ramanuja. This project has been conceived with a view to create awareness among the masses, a need for having greener environment and ecological balance. This would be a unique place of attraction and the viewer is sure to a get a visual eco-friendly treat! By the causeless mercy of our Acharya, Swami Ramanuja, the land for the purpose has been acquired and the initial operations have begun.

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